New BMW i4M – the 720hp tri-motor electric M3 killer!

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  1. These manufacturers are quoting their numbers 0-62 pmh, and Matt, oh old Matt!, you are testing them to 60 mph!!!! You ARE bound to be quicker!

  2. EVs have only got one trick and that's acceleration – their range almost alway sucks though unless you spend £££. That really needs addressing.

  3. It is Nice Matt I have the X3MC and are currently in talks to swap for the new Blue facelift X3MC but the dealer did tempt me with this, I’m just conscious I’d get electric anxiety as I now see queues at service station for charging, price is spot on with discounts the X3MC and this are the same this far but still in talks I’ve had 18k off x3 I’ll find out today if they sharpen the pencil enough but watching this I’m now thinking mmmmm

  4. This is one time I hope this car doesn't sell well and having to charge it discourages the regular M3, M4 users from buying it. They are douchy enough….we don't need the same douchebags driving fast electric cars.

  5. The parts shortage has hit BMW 9-10-2021! No Dealer in the USA has any inventory on the lots! And the cars on order are at plants or ports built with a stop sale order waiting for parts! My $100k car has been completed since the end of June and is just sitting waiting for parts! The dealer keeps telling me another 2 weeks, which they have been doing since July! I want my $20k down payment back. I found a car on the lot from another manufacturer. People, do not buy a BMW unless you will wait a year or two for delivery! Terrible way to run a business.

  6. Most probably i4 M50 is slower what it could be because some software limits. BMW could not launch a EV car which is quicker than traditional M cars because that would be disaster for M car sales.

  7. I would buy a tri motor M car if it did 0-60 in under 3 seconds. Tesla model 3 performance is already around that mark, but that car is a tin can (I owned one for just over a year).

  8. I dream of one day owning a Targa or an M3. And sure, I could blow most of my savings to buy either one right now but my unfortunate reality is, I couldn't afford the gas to put in it as a daily driver.

    The M50 seems like the perfect option for someone who doesn't want to kill their wallet on gas but still wants to drive a nice looking car. To most it may not be a real M but if I owned it, it sure as hell would be to me. I'm going to Tesla to test drive the Y/3 in 2 days but seeing this has me wanting to cancel my appointment.

  9. I don't care about 0-60 times. It's not gonna convince me that electric cars aren't slow. 1/4 mile time is what we should be looking at. It shows the true speed of the car not just how fast it can launch

  10. Trouble is BMW, you haven't fully embraced EV's and this is just a token. You should have developed an EV from the ground up rather than bolted a battery pack to an ICE platform.

  11. I feel that BMW might put a little dent in Tesla's pocket. If the car will track as good or even better than the current M3, bye bye Tesla for me and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that.


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