New BMW M3 v Old 700hp M3: DRAG RACE

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  1. I personally prefer the sound of the not tuned. The tuned has a really high frequency doesn’t sound muscular and powerful in my opinion. It is louder for sure but just doesn’t give me the power of the not tuned one

  2. After owning an F82 if the tires arent at least 116 degrees Fahrenheit, 46.6 Centigrade the car will not launch properly.

  3. bmw really dropped the ball with the new 3;series. I have yet to meet one on the road that makes me want to buy one it just looks hideous

  4. Pretty sure your new g80 is limited to 160 mph and his tuned f80 has the electronic limiter removed. So yeah not a fair race

  5. I've got an f82 but i just salivate over the new g82's. hopefully i can get one when they depreciate in a few years


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