New diesel vs old petrol DRAG and ROLLING RACE: Volvo V90 D5 2017 vs 850 T5 1995 – which is quicker?

Can a modern diesel engine thrash an older petrol engine when it comes to performance? Watch as we line up our diesel 2017 … .

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  1. I had the 850 estate 2.5 20valve. Bulletproof and it would outlive the T5. Last of the great volvos. The same engines went into the Ford focus mk2 ST which gave Ford a good boost.

  2. Would still have the old T5. New Volvos don't have much going for them besides comfy seats. Polestar now makes the most interesting Volvos.

  3. Twice as much torque, AWD, launch control, turbo twice the size as the T5 and the ideal sernario for the Diesel off the line and its up against the slowest version of t5 that probably lost power over the years, if that race was a little longer T5 would of won starting to catch. Any rolling race at any speed the T5 walks it and on track would leave the diesel in the dust. Fake D5 probably would of lost the off the line drag race if it's wasn't for the AWD drive train.

  4. I have a 1998 v70R auto, lowered with performance exhaust, bigger turbo considering a tune… I love the sound. This is my 3rd 98 V70.. a diesel and and T5 before this one.. She also handles well. The V90 would not have a chance…
    She is a keeper!!!!

  5. Is this supposed to be a victory? a 20 year newer and way more expensive car beating a relique? And not only that, "owned by China" should be written all over that slick design (a design ripped from every one else). The new one has no style, no soul and quite frankly, I so not consider it being a Volvo.

  6. 4 years later now and the v90 is beginning to look old but the 850 looks like a stone cold Swedish classic.

  7. Why did volvo ditch the d5 5 pot?… such a great engine is the new 4 pot a volvo unit or a Peugeot derived ford motor?

  8. Yeah I mean, the Volvo V90 looks nice but the 850 will ALWAYS be the best car ever made by Volvo. No one can beat the legendary 5 cylinder! When I see those RS3's from Audi, I think: this is not how a 5 cylinder should sound… The real 5 cylinder should have a nice manual gearbox and a turbo to mess with those BMW's! 😉 I would leave that V90 for the 850 for sure!!

  9. But nobody cares about the newer Volvo (sorry can't even remember what badge it is). The 850 T5 is an iconic classic and that 2.3 Turbo with a Rica ECU would win hands down. Love to have seen the comparison 80mph to 130mph too!


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