New F1 22 Game On $70,000 Simulators

To buy F1 22 or find out more – I got EA’s new Formula 1 game ‘F1 22’ early and played it on my new … .

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  1. THIS GAME IS SO COOL but can you test GRAN TURISMO 7 please ? THIS GAME IS SO COOL (like this game) well, I don't want to show off but this game is so much more realistic and on the controller, there are sensations! basically the weight of the car, the vibration when you get off the track, the noise of the engine and much more (one thing, it's only on playstation 4 and 5). and one last thing, YOUR VIDEOS IS SO COOL YOU ARE A SO COOL I SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW

  2. Karl opinates: “A few of my friends had wanted to know how I came up with the ACRONYM G.G.I.D. or D.I.G.G. – readable from left to right. The latter best applies to an English-speaking audience as opposed to G.G.I.D. Which suggests a romantic language audience such as Italian or French- now, y’all in the know, I care to digress. A GOOGLE GOLLY, INGRATIATING DARLING
    Ought to command a given score that reflects her ability and standing thus the D.I.G.G. Score or G.G.I.D. Score- Alex Hirsch hits the mark at a gaudy 9.669!!! “

  3. now for f1 22 you need a vr headset and a rig for realism racing in softs in intermediate tyre weather??

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  5. Dear Alex, I received an email from you saying that I have been shortlisted on winners list, so how do I get my prize??

  6. Hey mam! I wana work with. . . I am crazy about automobiles. . . . Pls mam. . . M from INDIA

  7. 4:45 i don't think its the most realistic, because i didn't see sergi bouncing/porpoising when using mercedes car ^_^

  8. Sergi seems cool, but i love blonds and supercars.. sooo cool watching this mugore remari soo, according to Passion Java

  9. That babe Alex with cape always,
    Lot's of love, I wish we chat together one day or you reply me,
    I'm your super fun from Uganda In Africa ,
    One love

  10. Is long time we see again Supercar Blondie. because you always let yout staff always do the cars.. becous you the only that have alot if energie and always be happy to see a New car. The boy don't have that energie like you.. maby you getting tired to the cars that why you let you staf doing it


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