New Ferrari SUV Purosangue Revealed

This is the brand new Ferrari Purosangue, now the world’s most powerful SUV. This new Ferrari SUV has almost 800 horsepower … .

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  1. The second “u” in PUROSANGUE is mude, kinda like “PuroSang”.
    It’s true it means “pure blood” but it’s also a term related to horses. A purosangue (or puro-sangue) is an high quality, top (pure) breed horse, often used in competition.

  2. I don't like to write a bad review, Ferrari is an icon from cars without a single strate line, to the 80's without curves at all , I'm not feeling this, Ferrari forgive me please I'm sorry

  3. I really like this suv, on the sides it remindes me a bit of a maserati levante, but i really like it, i would buy it

  4. Lamborghini came out with an suv in the late 80s early 90s.. check the movie toys..gotta go.. can't listen to people that don't know wat they're talking about

  5. Only Lamborghini could make the suv thing work from a performance manufacturer. Don't like it, don't like the fact the sued a charity over the name, think it's… Meh…


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