New Ford Bronco or Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro — Here Are The Two Things That Make The Bronco Better! ) Shop local offers and get price quotes with TFL (in collaboration with Detroit Trading) here!

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  1. I think you guys should start using the trd off road premium with the kdss from now on instead of the pro. The kdss is better off road and seems like stock it would make more of a difference than fox shocks do. At least it seems like that in the real world.

  2. Only need 3 months of intensive schooling to learn all the systems on these absurd new, electronic vehicles. And YES I'm old school…………….. and LOVE IT

  3. As I watch this specific video I’m thinking, “I have a decision to make, how to choose?! 4 runner OR ….tundra?!”

  4. I agreed that it was not a good comparison. Toyota is a all purpose family vehicle for all occasion. Bronco is more for off road and is completely different vehicle. They are for 2 different buyers.
    I also wished they would use basic vehicles with popular options. Most 4-Runner owner would not pay more for TRD.
    Stop revving the engine like a kid, these were not sport cars, the exhaust sound was annoying for mature viewers.

  5. YEP- bunch of CHEAP ASSED PLASTIC and HIGH TECH BULLSH… that you KNOW being FORD will not last.. and when it goes BAD— $$$$$$ for nothing..

  6. One thing I DON"T like on ALL new vehicles is all the TECH BS… especially the big asses screens and knobs and "blue tooth" and all that BS.. things were MUCH better WITHOUT all that garbage– when you had two gear levers , lockers outside– and if you raised the hood- you could ACTUALLY SEE the engine!!! All that tech crap is just more EXPENSE to TEAR UP and pay a freakin fortune to get fixed!!!

  7. Everybody talks about the 4runner interior being "dated"—- hey , if something is excellent quality — DON"T FREAKIN CHANGE IT EVERY DAMN YEAR… that's BS.. when it Works- LEAVE IT ALONE.

  8. I KNOW which to buy– the 4 runner is PROVEN and will last for many years- doing everything BETTER than the POS ford…. I've watched "tests" of bronco and the others and all crap— they use the bronco first and dig foot deep holes- and then the 4runner STILL outdoes it — IF the DRIVER USES IT PROPERLY– I've seen them do it all wrong so far. NOW_ the best point– the Bronco is an OVER TECHED OUT POS that will cost a blooming FORTUNE when that tech BS goes bad as TECH always does… I much prefer a Manually operated- GOOD SOLID vehicle without all the computer CRAP on it.. they'll be around LONG after the expensive tech piece of crap has rusted off its wheels!!!

  9. Thanks for the video. Is Toyota ever going to upgrade the power train on the 4Runner? If they would put the engine and transmission in the new tundra that would be great

  10. I've popped the hood of a new bronco, and it's a mess. Harnesses, wire's, tube's everywhere. It looks like Ford asked some back woods maintenance Mechanic to just throw everything including the engine under the hood of the Ford. If they put that little effort into the engine bay, I can only imagine how sloppy the rest of the vehicle is put together.

  11. I wish you didn't get the sun flares when in the vehicles….it washed out your intros to the interiors. But as always, very informative.

  12. Reliability on both of these vehicles pale in comparison to the new JL wranglers. My buddies Tacoma took a crap driving down a gravel road. Blew out a hose and drained the transmission dry. Had my JL 3 1/2 years, oil changes once a year and I’ve actually bashed it on major components so many times ( because wranglers actually see real off-road ) not one issue. You might just break a new Toyota by blowing on it too hard.

  13. I bought my 4Runner because it had a 3rd row seat, super reliable, costs less, tows more, and is for the most part just as capable off-roading. I used the money I saved and I have front and rear ARB lockers, twin air compressor, switch pro, bead lock wheels, 34” tires, .488 gears, winch, lift, full underbody skid plates, and more overall ground clearance than the Bronco (not talking about the sport). Now my whole family can go off-roading vs leaving 2 of them at home. When I reach 300k+ miles and still hitting the trails I will be happy. In the end I feel blessed because I know some people would just be happy to have a car. I won’t talk down on Ford but in the end we will see how many of those vehicles are on the road in 10-20 years.

  14. I am certainly bias because I own a 2016 4Runner but man I love it. Great for weekend trips with the family, great in the snow, comfortable for driving to work (I’m 6’5”). My wife gets motion sick and can sit in the back seat with our baby without getting nauseous. The back window is actually very very quite even going 80 down the highway, love rolling it down… I plan to give my 4R to my 1 y/o when he turns 16.

  15. The Bronco is really cool and I'm very tempted to buy one but my 07 4runner v8 goes and does everything I want it to go, not to mention the aftermarket is amazing.


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