New Ford EcoSport Facelift 2016 FULL REVIEW test driven – Autogefühl

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  1. I know this is an ancient video, but when you asked people to let you know about the value of a spare tire, I had to contribute. I live in South Africa. We have cities, sure, but also long stretches of road between them – in some instances 100's of kilometres with very little along the way, maybe a very basic petrol stop. In these instances a full-size spare is incredibly valuable, but fast decreasing in the market. I'm currently looking to buy a small car with a raised height for such travel, something that's good in a city, fair on the motorway but also able to drive on some rough gravel roads to get to the most scenic destinations. While I am a big BMW fan, currently driving a z4m from 2008, I'm not even considering an X1 or X3 for the fact that runflat tires are pointless when you are several 100s of kilometres away from any town, and the odds of that town having tires for that car are very slim. I just wish we got the Ecosport with a sunroof and AWD here, but we don't AFAIK, at least I can't find one in the used market.
    PS. I love your channel – you detail things that many don't and, frankly, your accent is charming and pleasant to listen to. I also like your sense of humour. Great job!

  2. Honestly, if you took all the badges off this car, I would guess it was a Suzuki model from around 2008. Not a Ford from 2015. It just seems cheap, I think a step down from other Fords like the Fiesta, Focus etc.

  3. Did they fix the transmission issues with this model? Read a lot of complaints about the transmission especially in asia car forums.

  4. what a coincidence, in the beginning of the video there is a VW Fox parked in the background, a brazilian car like Ecosport

  5. I always look up your reviews before buying a car you definitely have the best reviews. Keep it up Thomas!

  6. Another positive point is the high from the road… No 4×4 option, but Ecosport is good also in offroads conditions…

  7. get this folks the best is the 1.0l pushes out 125,like me ,if you want an automatic.they only do it as a 1.5 with less power and i missing something here or are ford that stupid.BRING OUT THE 1.0L AS AN AUTOMATIC ALSO.many people want that.

  8. I own a 1.5 petrol Ford Ecosport Titanium and it is very good on the open road , it accelerants well at speed .

  9. i actually own a ecosport for me its not ugly car when you see in actual and it perform well, the 550mm water wading did well.

  10. For reference: 4:38 in addition to folding down, the seats tip up (by pulling the lever a second time) to create a flatter load area, and 10:47 is the same as a Fiesta steering wheel (not Focus) 
    Otherwise a very good, informative, thorough review as usual 🙂

  11. I got a chance to sit in this one. Fit and finish are improved, hkwever what's up with the hard plastics?!

  12. Nobody is buying this in Brazil anymore.. It was totally crushed by the newcomers Jeep Renegade and Honda HR-V. Even Renault/DACIA Duster is selling more than the EcoSport. People realised how junk of car this is after they've seen the Renegade and it's interior(quality of materials).

    The door-mounted spare tire is something that people is not enjoying how it looks anymore, as well.

  13. let somebody please take this ugly, poor quality car back to where it belongs, south america. And that cheap, tacky antenna above the windscreen doesn't belong in 2015 Ford. I can live with a dacia duster, but this is a bridge to far.

  14. This has been a complete sales flop in the UK. Ford make some great cars, why they inflicted this on their European customers is a mystery. "World" models are all fine and well but some should stay in other parts of the world where they were originally intended.

  15. This car makes no Sense in Europe.
    It does not look good, low interior quality.
    If you need the space better get a compact class car.

    For less developed countries it Great.
    Cheap, reliable, good for bad streets.
    They dont care about design and the feeling of touching a button XD

    In germany the Mazda CX-3, Cross polo and ofcours Opel Mokka will allways be prefered

  16. Bad bad bad.unfortunately ford quality is getting worst, they wasted Focus first, made a lower quality car, now they are continue to produce basic and low quality bad cars


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