New Ford Fiesta Driven – What Car?

Read the What Car? Ford Fiesta review The Ford Fiesta is great to drive, rides comfortably and is one of the …

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  1. if you can't have fun in this car, there's something wrong with you loool. I've driven a 1.25 version excellent car, fun to drive. Do not under estimate this car

  2. the 2008-present Ford Fiesta is assembled in
    Almussafes, Spain
    Nanjing, China
    Cologne, Germany
    Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico
    Rayong, Thailand (2010–)
    Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
    Valencia, Spain
    Chennai, India

  3. Its not me being thick, You just don't understand the whole UK vehicle registration system. I think I need to explain it to you…. When I said its a "58" plate It doesn't mean its literally from 1958! It means its been registered in either 2008 etc. Our registrations are shown on our vehicles as HY09 GTV or GN58 HJR. the **08 *** or **58 *** is a 2008 registration. the **09 *** or **59 *** is a 2009 registration. The number digits in the plate is related to the year we are in. Understand?

  4. Looks aren't all, These are just computer chips with wheels! honestly, they might be proclaimed as: the best handling car but, once they go wrong they won't stop GOING WRONG! Fiestas develop loads of strange myserious XYZ faults that aren't covered by Fords warranty! My pal Mike is one person to ask, hes regretted getting a 58 plate zetec S! He now wished he got the 2008 Seat Ibiza FR

  5. I'm glad we Americans will get the opportunity to support our fellow workers by buying this Mexican-made car!

  6. @Plmmaluffelum: Got my new fiesta last week, its great!, i learned in Corsa and the fiesta just blows it away.

  7. opel ? you crazy ??

    i drove the new fiesta and its the shit, the steering is amazing and it is really fun to drive… 82 hp comes down to 170km/h which is not too much but it saves fuel too, all in all really good car

  8. The original Ford Fiesta brings back bad childhood memories. That piece of shit would not shut off after you switched off the ignition and as a little kid, it frightened the shit out of me!

  9. I get a new car when i pass my test, but dont know what to pick, a 3 door Corsa or a 3 door fiesta (both new models). i do my lessons in a corsa and love the car, but the new fiesta has me thinking 😛

  10. Just think what the ST will look like.
    Although it's a nice car, i think they've gone a bit too far away from how a fiesta is suppose to look.


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