New Ford Focus: Celebrating Memories

The Ford Focus first launched in Europe in 1998, and since has become the world’s best selling nameplate with more than 12 …

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  1. I really identify with the advert.

    We bought our Focus ("Henry") in 2009 as the first car my wife and I bought as a married couple. He's handled the boring stuff like trips to work, the shops etc. But he's also been there for the extraordinary stuff. He took us to the hospital when each of my two kids were born. He took us on two European road trips – from the UK to France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; and then to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. He has been there during each family holiday and my kids' first days at nursery school. He's even lent a hand in house moves. And all the while Henry has been superb – he's still as nippy as ever and not one breakdown, not one major issue. After 9 years the only repairs he's needed have been a new alternator, battery and break discs.

    He is an amazing car, but sadly we will be trading him in in a few weeks. My family has grown and with our third on the way we have had to up-size. We (and especially my kids) will be sad to see him go. He has become a beloved part of the family. But at the same time we are excited – our new S-Max will be arriving soon! So here's to many more memories…

  2. i love how it looks… very athletic design from the profile, agressive on the front and different on the back. most exciting car in its class.

  3. my family bought focus when I was 4 I grow up in the backseat of our focus its a legendary car but ford has to make more ads like this look at vw and Toyota both of them disgusting cars but they make so cool ads

  4. My best story? Getting stranded on the side of the road on a rainy October evening in 2015 when the transmission control module (TCM) of the PowerShift failed, causing the transmission to move the shift forks back and forth, which caused the traction control and DSC to activate because the transmission couldn't stay in one gear. Thanks Ford. It had to be towed home.

  5. Ho una vecchia Focus 1600 benzina del 2000. La adoro. Volante a 4 razze comodissimo, ha ancora grinta e ottima stabilità in curva. E' costantemente incollata al terreno e mi da sempre piacere nella guida! 🙂

  6. I loved my 2000 Focus, it had sports handling stuck to the road like it was on rails, drove it to Croatia from France, Spain 3 times, to Germany Italy and Switzerland, never missed a beat during the 12 years I owned it, did 170000 kms in it and hardly a problem, I bought a Fiesta this time as the kids have grown now, but you never know maybe another Focus is in my Future?

  7. Davvero una forza e farò un'altra nuovo credo di passare alla mondeo e stupenda sono alla terza ford credo di continuare.


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