New Ford Mustang – Seen for the first time

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  1. FORD. The Mustang needs to lose some weight. I'm sick of seeing these fat asses on the road! Fat camaros, fat chargers, fat challengers, the mustang is the only one who "appears" to be slimmer. But enough with the smoke and mirrors put this icon on a diet!!!

  2. I had a big freaking grin on my face the whole time watching this video. What an awesomely put together sequence! I drive around town every day looking for the line to get in to buy my new pony.

  3. I just hate that weird Design. It is too curvie, too European. The Design of the front reminds me to a Land Rover. The Bend at the back from BMW and the sides looks allot like a Mercedes. One in all: CRAP.

  4. I find it a pity that so much is made for the fans in all European countries in this regard what it is about the new Mustang. Just not for the German fans.

  5. What do you think about the 'co-driver feature app' implemented in the mustang's navigation? Being with your all-new Mustang on the raceway like Nuerburgring whilst racing you would hear a professional or simplistic messages regarding the route and corners ahead from the speakers? Talking about the co-driver's voice. It would be one of the famous co-drivers from the certain country where you are about to buy your mustang? We could feel more comfortable on the raceways and do a better times!

  6. I saw it about an hour ago here on Motor Trend?
    Looks great, love the independent rear end, about time, should sell well I think particularly in Germany and the UK, a fine looking car!

  7. WTF? No car?

    BTW just bought a Ford Focus ST, very happy with it, Best car I ever had and I have over 30 cars including the Nissan Z and the Toyota Supra-as good if not better then those cars.


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