NEW Ford Puma Review: The Best Small SUV Of All?

The new 2020 Ford Puma is here, and our full review is in. Can this funky little SUV live up to the previous Puma? Rory Reid hops …

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  1. I just helped my mum buy one of these in red. She got the ST Line 155bhp mild hybrid. It was a no brainer for her, as roomy inside as a focus but with a bigger boot and a slightly smaller footprint. And really good power and handling but amazing mpg. But what I don't understand is that it doesn't seem to have the automatic boot. I thought they all had that?

  2. Kudos galore, Rory! Great review. Crisp and clear, comprehensive, fun to watch without being over the top. You are my fav car reviewer. Thank you, and: Keep up the good work.


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