New Ford Ranger: Coming to Europe

Watch the exciting new Ford Ranger go through its paces ahead of the pickup’s European sales launch later this year. If you like …

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  1. قطعة جميلة متوحشة قوية ماشاء الله اللهم ارزقنا مثلها يا رب العالمين

  2. ةللللفففغغفعقلن ص٤٧مقصعن٢٤٦مم٧٥قضعمضثغن٥نغثنضصقعك١ثغنضقصعظ١م٣ض١٣٦ختصبسنفزثض يق٧يخ٧٣٢ضث٦٦يص٣ ةللللفففغغفعقلن.ظ٧هغ وط.ثل

  3. Ford Fusion 2013 still with warranty, only 10kmiles. . , 1 year having problems with gearbox and front axe. More than 45 days at the authorized repair shop, no spare car offered. No solution at all. . Very dissapointed with Ford. NExt time only japanese cars in my options!

  4. lo que tenían que hacer vehículos para discapacitados con un buen precio al que puedan afrontar con su pensión

  5. So when's the new Ford Ranger supposed to come to the u.s.. and what's the release date on that. how much is it going to start out as


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