New Ford Ranger MS-RT Walk Around | Ford UK

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  1. Didn't like this variant at first, and at the price would still go for the Raptor, but the presentation has made the model more appealing.

  2. скажите пожалуйста – где и как заработать на такой автомобиль . ну очень нравится машина

  3. Don't bother even making 1000, what an awful variant of a Ranger… The Wildtrak, Thunder, Raptor all look like Fords and have proper Ford names but this one is trying to copy Asian equivalents with the most irrelevant name. Such a poor video as well, nothing like what you would've expected from Ford. Not a single feature described says that its actually above a Wildtrak or as good as a Raptor just a different look, learn your product before trying to sell it as superior or better… Awesome presentation for a Ford pick up.

  4. So basically what you're saying is here in the UK we are getting the F150 hand-me-downs. Personally I'm okay with that just as long as you don't expect me to pay in F150 price


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