New Ford Ranger Wolftrak 4×4 Pick-Up Truck

The image of quiet confidence. The New Ford Ranger Wolftrak is an intrepid, rugged 4×4 pick-up truck designed for people who …

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  1. Thus teaser didn't show much, but I do wonder: Ford, why don't you offer certain packages in America? This looks like an attractive package.

  2. Don t thrust Jim Farley and Ford Company
    A Ford Ranger 2020 is on Ford garage since May 2020 and Ford are not able to provide spare parts
    I sent emails to Jim Farley
    I sent letters to Louis Carl Vignon
    Both don’t give any answer
    A president or a CEO have to assume responsibilities
    Don t thrust Jim Farley and Ford Company

  3. Thanks for not making these models in the USA, Ford! Real classy to treat your customers to a lack of available trims. Hoping to see a Tremor and Raptor in the US soon…that is, unless you don't like making more money, Ford?


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