New Ford S-MAX Concept

With a stunning new look, uprated driving dynamics, cutting-edge technologies, and a new 1.5 litre EcoBoost engine, the new …

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  1. Still the best concept for a car and one of the only cars that gives you 3 seats in the back while not riding like a bus + the gigantic boot is superb. Passengers are always impressed by the space and comfort (individually adjustable seats), while its exterior size is still manageable (<4.7m). Compared to the SUVs, definitly a much better choice!
    (S-max 2.0 tdci 2009-… owner)

  2. Whats happened to good old walk round video and proper internal shots and views, this one like all others think that an uninformed style of blending and showing nothing really is the way to sell a car, this video would not entice me to consider £20+k, advertisers get your act together show us what you are selling not what you can do with a camera 🙁 

  3. It seems that people already know how the car will looks like before it's lanuch… there were days when all models looked different ;-P


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