New Honda Jazz 2021 review: it WILL surprise you!

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  1. Despite all the pluses, low ground clearance of most variants, seat reclining position with lever, CVT gear box, the front additional pillar – not necessarilly in that order means you should thoroughly test drive it and read some more (owners) reviews before you make your mind to buy it.

  2. Funny thing. In north and south america this is also bought by older people, but it is actually more common with small families.

  3. Mate with your amount of wrinkles, better be careful of old fogeys jokes… their Hybrid tech is super interesting, the car is small and cheap. I do love Honda for bringing features people care about. Small, cheap, practical and better for the planet than your average car. Nice review, perhaps refrain taking the piss of people who came before… ty.

  4. Hey Mat, you lacked some research to make this video… The Jazz does not have a CVT as you said, in fact it has no gearbox at all. Instead it has a revolutionary hybrid system that you have not even mentioned… I suggest you have a look here (Honda engineer presenting the system):

  5. I like the front a lot. It has a more conservative Civic design, which is exactly what it needs to be. The back is boring tho

  6. My Toyota Yaris and Corolla had the worst horn ever. That horn wasn’t terrible. Sounded more electronic. My Mazda 3 has a great horn!


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