New Jaguar I-PACE 2019 – a better electric car than a Tesla?

This is the all-new Jaguar I-PACE. It’s the brand’s first all-electric car, and Jaguar has thrown all of its EV knowhow at it to take on … .

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  1. Ok, no charging network (like Tesla), No over the air updates (like Telsa) and finally.. the creme de la creme… the autopilot system (lane keep assist auto drive) will kill you when it turns self steering off without alerting the driver. What where they thinking… auto steer on… then if it loses a road marking it turns off auto steer, but doesn't tell you about it.. lol

  2. Tesla are for people who have money but no class. Jaguars are much classier. Interior is 1000 times better.

  3. So it’s retarded because it’s only a fricking battery car sucks not real that’s gotta be easy Carter craft

  4. The car is stupid and it’s dumb because it making your power bill more Spence never say no one by DJ go out because it’s gonna make your power bill go up to like 400 grand a month to pay for friggin charge different sorts of rip-off everyone

  5. I'd never buy a car that's good points are highlighted at the expense of another manufacturer, why can't you sell the iPace on its own merits ? By the way, Tesla doesn't need to advertise !

  6. Does it have hardware for Level 5 autonomy? Does it have first party charging infrastructure? These are important considerations when comparing this car to the Model X.

  7. 298 miles, yeah right! Not when it's dark and raining with 2 adults and 2 kids and a boot full of gear, it's not even certified to tow anything and within 5 years all the suspension bushes will be knackered and most of the electric systems.

  8. Why calling this car a SUV? It’s a wagon or hatchback at most. It’s low on the ground, neither can’t consider to call it crossover.

  9. Why the F did jag put a radiator grill on it and that makes it look like a conventional ICB It all new ELECTRIC make it look ELECTRIC

  10. Has a jag interior , and a jag radiator grill , has no charging infrastructure to charge faster than 50dc max , wait 3 years for that to catch up . Spec shown not bottom of range price ,actually more than Tesla model X and no free charging , and no superchargers already world wide . Oh yes not actually available yet, love it but not comparison to model x , better than all other jags though and most other ice cars

  11. Nice car, good for Jaguar. I wish the company well with it, and subsequent iterations. But it's much smaller than the model X. Not an even comparison (try seating 7 in the I-Pace).
    That's not a criticism…just saying that they're different vehicles.

  12. I come here to see celebration of jaguar future EV comments instead I got "tesla killer" or what so ever.

  13. That's a great looking vehicle. Too expensive for most people but competitive with other luxury / performance vehicles including the model S. Another bonus over the Tesla is it uses a type 2 CCS charger so no screwing around with adapters.


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