New Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 – better than a Porsche Macan Turbo? | Top 10s

Mercedes has decided to give the big 4×4 known as the GLC the AMG treatment. This means that the same engine that powers … .

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  1. Matt. When are you going to have the new GLC63s to test? I just rewatched the drag race between the GLC63, Tesla X and Jeep Trackhawk and I reckon that the new GLC63s would win!

  2. Porsche macan turbo doesn’t exist at all lol. There is Macan / Macan S / Macan GTS. There is only Cayenne Turbo S….. stop uploading false facts…..

  3. Let's be honest, whether you want the Porsche, BMW or Mercedes, they are all great cars. The difference is the stunning soundtrack of a Mercedes, and the thing they do better than all of the rest for me – excitement! Nothing thrills more than an AMG engine.

  4. Yes, if you actually want any "utility" or a place to put your stuff up front. There are better hatchbacks than the Macan for the money.

  5. Hate the Buick grill on the AMG. Looks cheap. To looks like a Buick Rendezvous with a Mercedes badge.

  6. even through i love porsche more, but the front gill!!! the new front grill look so good on mercedes!!!!


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