New Mercedes E-Class 2021 in-depth review

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  1. Matt can you do a video to compare plug in petrol hybrid saloons please, A6, E class & 5 series please 🙂 plus anything else I'm forgot about.

  2. I own two of the older e classes and not very impressed with the design here, still love the brand though but this is underwhelming, looks like a c class.

  3. The first I've ever heard a brit saying "I'm on the right side" when referring to an right hand traffic car! Mad respect, mate! :))

  4. I think its still the best infotainment system i have a Mercedes gle and if there is even a close competitor it would be teslas

  5. So why don’t we get double glazed windows?.
    Probably because the importer’s profit margins would be lower.
    So consumers choice is again limited as was the case with the deletion of the classic grille.
    Unimpressed by the lookalike design.
    Nothing to differentiate the classes.

  6. Pop out cupholders are RUBBISH !
    THEY ALWAYS BREAK ! But before they break they don't hold all the different size and shapes of various drinks come in.

  7. I'm confused. The S-Class got the ipad style info screen. Then the C-Class got the same along with the SL so why hasn't the E-Class?
    I prefer the style of this but it just doesn't make sense to me.

  8. Could anyone tell me what is the actual fuel cost MPG for 300e??? When i say actual, i mean has anyone took it on the road and had a true mpg on their dashboard?

  9. The difference between the old e class and this e class is the steering wheel. The middle swivel part at the back seats they can change the temp too. Literally that’s it interior wise

  10. The old design was better, the new one is not bad tho, but the AMG line one is is hideous, it basically has the old grill just up side down.

  11. Its getting really hard to find an elegant vehicle without excessive sporty looking cheap plastic parts and totally fake exhaust pipes. If I want to have a sporty looking car, I will buy one that really is sporty. These plasticky designs never age well, this one looks really cheap on day one, so whats the point? I love Mercedes cars, however this trend of looking “sporty” is really not the look I expect from a classy brand. Sure, they have sporty models, however this is not the one (Except E63S…)


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