New Polestar 2 Single Motor 2022 review – is it the pick of the range?

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  1. Is the Polestar 2 the best EV you can buy for £40,000 or less? LIKE if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

  2. Someone needs to overdub this with a hip hop tune. It's the only way that watching this guy roll his arms around, through his hands about and bop about can make sense

  3. It's a nice looking car, I would consider one if I had that sort of money and the infrastructure was better

  4. super bland looking car … if it looks like that now just imagine staring at it in 6 months time siting on your driveway

  5. I don't agree that it isn't sporty. What it is is mature. But if you want to drive it like a sports car, it's extremely responsive. At least the two-motor without the PP is. I think this is a bargain, very solid, comfortable and the more you drive it, the more you realize just how good it is.

  6. This says entry model but it has the pano roof which is part of the plus package? What spec model is it that is being driven?

  7. I test drove the polestar with dual motor with performance pack and it's fun but the top acceleration is uncomfortably strong, and the suspension is much too firm for me. I think the single motor with pilot and plus packs is a great choice, fast and powerful enough for 99% of drivers, super comfortable and technology-wise just as good as the top of the range model. I disagree with Mat on one thing though and that is rear seat leg room. If the front seats are set for a relatively tall driver say around 185cm tall, the seat behind it will be quite tight space wise.


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