New SEAT Leon 2020 review – better than a VW Golf?

Introducing the all-new SEAT Leon! It’s effectively a Spanish Golf, given it’s built on the same platform as the German hatchback… .

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  1. Looking to buy a second hand car around the 2015 plate year.
    Late 20's, want a 'hot hatch' as in little fun to drive but also practical.
    Budget is about £7K, current shortlist is:
    Audi A3
    Seat Leon
    Mazda 3
    Any advice on those or further recommendations?

  2. I like it when Mat says "My specialist timing gear" as if it was developed by NASA. Real alien technology this is.

  3. I'd definitely get the ST, it looks way better than this hatchback imo. Nothing beats the front end of the previous Leon though.

  4. The new hybrid is cracking. A bit expensive but has all the toys. I've had an an a3 and a golf gt tdi. Can't compare really but to live with its just as nice as a golf in current circumstances. Not really fussed with the looks to be fair. I don't do more than 30 miles each way so happy days.

  5. That last comment basically sums up Skoda/Seat right now. Time was that they were radically cheaper than the equivalent VW. Like that VW was 20 grand and the Skoda 14. Now they're a little cheaper, but frankly you may as well get the VW instead as there isn't a massive difference any more. Although they do have slightly different characters I'd say Hyundai, Kia and especially Dacia have the budget market now.

  6. I am much prefer the interior design in the Leon to the Golf…

    The ultra thick boarder in piano paint on Golf screen looks cheap and dated…

  7. Are SEATs reliable? I'm in the US and for some reason always saw SEAT, and the French brands as well, as being very un reliable compared to the Japanese's and Koreans.

  8. I just drove this 1.5 150 bhp petrol back to back against the Skoda Scala. Scala is lighter, thinner, and frankly not as substantial or planted. Everything about this Seat was 'better' than the scala except possibly the cockpit (and boot space). But overall – this thing is a real, solid, planted, quality car, very little road noise. Gear changes better…. a pleasure really. The Skoda Scala has problems keeping up….

  9. been driving this car for a year now and its a disappointment. the AC being through the infotainment system is wackkkk, lets say you had it on full blast heat the night before on a cold day, the next morning you'll be greeted with max power cold air and the only way to turn it off is through the touch screen but before that you need to wait for the animation, then if you have registered the car in your name you'll also have to click ok on that to get to the normal screen, and if you have your phone paired with wireless apple carplay you'll be interrupted before you can get to the AC controls then you'll have to click AC wait for it to load and then fumble clicking the small box to turn the AC off. the climate controls are invisible in the dark, that and turning the AC on and off while driving is a massive risk as the lag between you touching the screen and something happening can be dangerous. I recommend a lower spec similar priced A3 instead.


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