New Tesla Model 3 v Old Model 3 – DRAG RACE

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  1. What do you think – is the Tesla Model 3 Performance the greatest electric car in the world?! LIKE this comment if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

  2. Why did Tesla choice shitty P Zero over PS4S? Why do they keep getting bigger, heavier wheels that are prone to bending?

  3. So I didn’t go through all the comments. This may have already been asked. How did the two cars batteries perform against each other as far as loss after each sequential race? The old M3P was slightly quicker but didn’t use more battery than the newer one?

  4. The best sound check it's obiviously the first, Vivaldi, because it sounds of my land, Venezia (Venice)

  5. After watching V8 supercars today i realised that if i had a chouce between the worlds slowest car tgat sounded amazing and had a soul or the worlds quickest car that had amazing tech didnt have a sound at all……id choice the slow one….at least i could enjoy it wothout doing something illegal….i could simoly enjoy it idling in my driveway

  6. You should do the test when under 50% soc. Bjorn Nyland showed the new mp3 really drops off as soc diminishes.

  7. Any chance you can do the performance against the LR. And the LR with acceleration boost. Want to see if it’s worth paying the £1500 for it.

  8. Not a fan of Teslas or any other Electric car , as they just remind me of that Song , Ernie and he drove the fastest Milk float in the West ha ha

  9. Hate the Pzeros. They were garbage on my Audi in ~2010, they were garbage on my BMW in 2015, and they are proving to still be garbage in 2021 on my Model 3 Performance. Kills me, as I just sold my Dual Motor non-Performance Model 3 which I had put Michelin PS4's on. They were excellent. Now I've purchased a brand new Model 3 Performance and it comes with inferior tires. I'll be grinding them into dust as quickly as possible and switching back to PS4s.

  10. Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance
    Dual Motors Dual Motors
    457 Hp 457 Hp
    660 Nm 660 Nm
    1844 kg 1847 kg
    $56.490 $56.490


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