NEW TOP GEAR Cars: Lambo Huracán STO, Aston Victor, McLaren 765LT & DeLorean + TG vs F1 drivers

Yes, the time is near. See previews of cars, sensations, difficulties, emotions, vibrations, fires and er, motions, which are coming in the Top 31 Gear series. .

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  1. Absoloute top notch episode on Sunday! Nice little challenge with the F1 drivers and the tribute to Eddie Kidd was amazing. Proper good stuff enjoyable and emotional whilst also having some fun out on the track

  2. This looks fantastic guys!

    However because two of the three hosts have got heavy northern accents, then to someone like me who lives in America, everything they say is just incomprehensible gibberish. But apart from that you guys are doing great

  3. Chris Harris. God bless him. Miss the heck out of drive. But he has NEVER changed. Next to Henry on carfection (a duo I would kill to see) there is nobody better.

  4. I still don’t understand why a cricket player and some random bloke are presenting this show alongside one of the best motoring journalists of recent times. What was wrong with Henry and Jethro?

  5. Beautiful cars but I must say since these presenters have hosted I've totally lost interest in watching Top Gear… An ex cricketer and a guy that hosts a dating show no thanks


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