Nissan GTR vs Bullet Train: Competition Across Japan (Part 1) | Advanced Equipment

Subscribe: Jeremy and Richard ran 400 miles across Japan in a Nissan GTR and Bullet Train. .

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  1. I think this challenge should have been done in Germany where there's the Autobahn aka no speed limit highway vs the ICE hsr. That would have been one hell of a challenge.

  2. I just wish they have done the first car vs motorbike this is the only challenger they have never ever done yet and it will never ever happen

  3. 0:01
    弁えろ くそ企画マン

  4. The chief tire effectively release because eight subsequently multiply via a lively siberian. glistening glorious, alive agreement

  5. Ironis Jeremy only ever loved the GTR in this race here, after he just stopped loving it, take it the GTR to a track, it's fine, take it to the open road now, it's rubbish, base car, track edition, same result either version for me, race car on the road, all speed and technology, little fun, can't really enjoy ut as much on the road really, can you, in Forza 7, I know because I did try, I just could not really try to love it as much as any other.

  6. For those wondering what the car said to Jeremy, here's a rough translation: "There are lane restrictions ahead. Please drive carefully."

  7. ジェレミーがトップギアに今もいたら、車のベンチャーでも立ち上げてジェレミーに酷評してもらいたいもんだ。

  8. Idk the routes and what not but I’ve heard in the last year not that “in the last year” but just I’ve heard in the last year that Japan has a lot of high quality bullet trains, so if they have a good system there ain’t no way a car beating it

  9. I don't get it why they got so pissed when he was talking on the phone what is so wrong with that can you explain

  10. Jeremy Clarkson has to be the only car guy to ever complain about tunnels, especially whilst sitting in an R35

  11. I was going to say ‘why do the people talk to them in Japanese when it’s clear they don’t understand’ and then I remembered that I’m English and have the language skills of a dog

  12. Came here after Jimmer mentioned this was where his love for the GTR came from. How haven't I seen this? I spent so much time watching Top Gear when I was young and never heard of this Special.


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