Normal cars that are FASTER than supercars!

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  1. One reason why older cars tend to have slower 0-60 times is because they didn't have modern technology which limited them, such as good tires, tcs, technology for good materials such as modern carbon fiber, engine technology, etc.

  2. My main takeaway from this video that the new macan's front grill is the most disgusting thing created this decade

  3. Calling the Giulia Quadrifoglio a "normal car" is a bit of a stretch, but these bait vids do bring in the numbers I guess…?

  4. Shame my head only turns when I see an old classic such as a 348 I hardly even blink at an artificial sounding automatic computer generated easy to drive mom mobile what they call supercars nowadays. Even old Vauxhall calibra's or honda preludes get more of my attention. Remember the sheer excitement of seeing a diablo the ground rumbling now they sound like louder audi hatchbacks.
    P.s and y'all would laugh at America for driving auto's

  5. 5.5 seconds 0 to 60 used to be the supercar benchmark once upon a time.
    Now there are diesels faster than that.

  6. The thing with the drag coefficient is that it needs to be multiplied with the surface area to get the drag.
    So it might seem that the Rangerover has a better drag, but in fact only the coefficient is better, but the drag due to surface area is worse

    hope this makes sense

  7. Ok well the Murcielago is the best sounding car of all time, I'd like you to find anyone who would rather drive a Kia than a Lambo

  8. Apples taste different to Pears – I like both, they are both fruit, but there the comparisons ends. Cars evolve and old supercars become rare works of art, to be admired for the innovation of the time and what they enabled main stream cars to become. No one looks at an Audi A3 and goes "WOW!" but they do when they see a 30 year old Ferrari/Lambo. So thank you for a video that proves SuperCars are still what people aspire to have.

  9. The truth is Ferrari don't really care about 0-60 as they are all about cornering & driver feel, something any electric car can't do very well.

  10. Im gonna be honest when you shown the list of modern cars going faster then super cars i got kinda of annoyed because of the fact most of the cars you said are actually sports cars

  11. But u would never get the exact driving experience and thrill of a Lamborghini Murcielago and its sound with a gated transmission in a Kia Ev6…… i do love the kia but feeling is different..

  12. I drove a stock Gallardo a couple of days ago and it was nowhere near as fast as I remember them to be when they were new(ish). I had to remind myself that it was almost two decade old performance. That being said though, my lightly modded 996 turbo is still incredibly fast compared to most things on the road. You just can't beat the bang for your buck on turbo upgrades.


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