Off-Road Pickup Truck Comparison: 2019 Ram Rebel vs 2019 Ford Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the original desert bashing, dune destroying, king of off-road. So it’s not very fair to compare that truck to …

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  1. What a review. I know you had to get positives for dodge..but c'mon man.. the sound? Really? Lmao. Performance is what counts…and the electric add on engine for the rebel..what a mess and monstrosity!!. And carbon fiber is used on race vehicles, so it fits the Raptor. And big Ford if that matters…but you lose again Dodge plymouth Chrysler are notorious for over badging huge badging graphics cuz thats what Performance is about, and racing as well. Making sure everyone sees what you brung.
    And you must be the only one who wants a thin steering wheel even my petite wife seriously bro… a 110 pound 5'6 womnan put a bigger wheel cover on her Chevy , and loves the Rqptor steering wheel on our Raptor and she hates Ford.!! …do you have baby hands?..sorry..low blow.Lol
    But there is no comparison..and that dodge will lose at the gas pump every time .. I own both these vehicles 2018 raptor and just traded 2019 rebel off for a 2020 gmc denali.
    Next time comparison do Dodge TRX versus Raptor 700 or Raptor R or shelby Raptor then you will have a true comparison type test.

  2. Fkn dodge still can't change that BS hemi to something big and scary.At least like ford raptor…a v6 turbo.While Chevy and Ford step up there game on motor upgrades…no Dodge sticks to that fkn low powerd hemi and try to compete with turbos and big motors.Like Chevy and Ford.

  3. The price you save on the Rebel, could buy you a Harley Roadglide? Then again the Rebel is to damn expensive, never mind the 70+k for a Raptor.

  4. Exterior: Love both, Raptor is a little more good looking. Interior: Rebel is better. Engine: Raptor has more power but Rebel sounds better. So I would go the V8. Suspension: Raptor is better Cost: Rebel can be up to $20k cheaper than the Raptor. I would go with the Rebel. I love the Raptor but Im still going with the Rebel.

  5. For those that don't know GM and Chrysler had to ask Uncle Sam to save them from goin under and Ford has not ever asked Uncle Sam to bail them out and Ford is not afraid to say their number one. there u have it in a nutshell.

  6. The depreciation on the rebel will be extreme oh, and the build quality is never good on Dodge. I really like the Raptor but that's some serious money. Most Raptors you see now is just some rich dude taking his wife to get groceries order to go shop at Dillard's not actually running through the desert LOL…. I'll take a $9000 2015 Tacoma TRD 4×4 and it can go the same trails as a $68,000 truck.

  7. "The Raptor is the real deal…how do you want to play?"
    Well said! Great review and great video! To each their own, it's the Raptor all day, for me!!!

  8. V6 vs V8 old school thinking. the E torque will break down on you but luckily for you before the warranty is up….the first time

  9. It says it all at the end, if you want to do off-roading and performance take the Raptor, if you want to use it in a versatile and comfortable way take the RAM.

  10. All comparison videos should be this concise, to-the-point, informative, and objective, leaving you with such a clear, solid idea of the contenders and their differences. Love it.

  11. B&O sound system is wayyyyyyy better than Alpine sound system bro…… go do some research or at least just listening to it

  12. Lol he literally gave a point for the rebel over the raptor becuase "it sounds better" such a dumbass reviewer

  13. I took a 2016 ram 1500 express and put carli performance shocks on it and widened the wheel base by about 5 inches. Seems like a cheap raptor.

  14. Give me the Raptor. I’d take the Raptor all day. Before I bought the Rebel, I’d look at the Tacoma or Tundra.

  15. Way to end the vid " The Raptor is the REAL DEAL" .. Rebel needs to be put side by side with the FX4 F-150.


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