Off-Roading in 2006 Range Rover

SEE CARS AND BIDS I took my 2006 Range Rover off the road with the Jeep Wrangler and FJ60 ….

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  1. The old Land Cruiser almost looked like an old Uncle trying to have so adventure with children only to end up getting body pain issues and letting the children have fun on their own.

  2. Funny how everyone’s bashing the unreliability on the Range Rover, also quite literally the best off-roading vehicle. I really saw a comment saying a g series is better, what an absolute joke. G series is all bark ZERO bite. That “unreliability” is dam near equal or less than any other car on a trail day. As we clearly saw here. Things covered with skid plates. With big tires you have major ground clearance anyway. The air intake is pressed up on the hood. Even if it does breakdown or have a small issue which you would most likely already know about, they make these cars so you can fix them up whenever and wherever. Everything is very accessible and simple if you know what your doing. Hell I’m 19 and I can fix almost anything on these cars. I sincerely love this car to death. There is no such thing as a reliable off-roading car that’s actually good, let alone high class. Learn how to fix your own cars.

  3. Look at that jeep is it going to win today’s off-road championship or would it lose today’s offer a championship I mean just look at it I mean just look at those chunky tires those tires hast have to help the jeep I mean just just look at the tires those are so big tires it’s definitely going to help the jeep we’re going over these rocks and these potholes in stuff and the girl that ground clearance

  4. It's 6 years later and I'm still pissed that Doug didn't use the "terrain controls" to soldier on, forward as it were. Fantastic video though!

  5. Why did they bring such an old Toyota Land Cruiser. I’m fully sure an old Range Rover wouldn’t be there it be in a scrap yard . Land cruiser is king of 4×4

  6. What an ass to park on a marked pedestrian crossing zone at Home Depot, and this is not 'off road', it's just a muddy road in the woods with no incline climbing, no technical descent and no obstacles. Range Rovers are alright off road, but nothing like their pre-1997 Discovery and Defender wild cousins.

  7. Oh my God, what a fiasco, he has a vehicle designed to have different settings and he doesn't use them……? Is this an American thing?


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