Overview of Ford Mustang Convertible 2018 in depth | Mat Watson Comments

For the first time in the history of the Ford Mustang, a new version of the Mustang Coupe is now available in the UK, with freedom ….

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  1. What a great looking car ! The styling is perfect ! Better then exotics! The top goes down in only 10 seconds . He makes it look like it takes a half hour. Great car!

  2. He doesn't seem like he understands why people get convertibles. If we wanted a Mustang GT to whiz around a track and to drift in we wouldn't have bought a convertible. It's like reviewing a forklift and saying it would be better if could hold dirt like a dump truck.

  3. I don’t why would anyone want a v4 on a mustang. By the full v8 or just don’t buy a mustang. Simple

  4. Such a shame, looks decent, but i still prefer the late 60's models, same with the Corvettes, and we all know American build quality is poor, cheap plastics and poor fit and finish, obviously Americans don't care about that kind of stuff, they just want a noisy engine! Stick to European sports cars, at least they are built so much better.


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