Patrick Stewart interview and lap | Top Gear

Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard swaps the starship Enterprise for the warp-factor challenged Suzuki Liana as the Star in a … .

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  1. they left out the one line i came here for, i guess it's time to look at some copyright infringing versions instead.

  2. He is so damn precious… We must protect Patrick Stewart, with everything we have!!! Make it so!

  3. No spat of ego, megalomenia or stick up the arse anywhere on that man. Just sitting there, in regular clothing, joking a bit with his stardom status and in the end just being a humble man that is very glad he did well on a racestrack in a Liana. Sir Patrick Steward is AWESOME 😀

  4. I can imagine the guy working for him like: "Oh my job is to clean the wire wheels on Patrick Stewart's JAAAAAG"

  5. You can tell Patrick was genuinely excited talking about the jaguar when he folded his leg he couldn't keep still

  6. I love how the British think that there are only roads in LA and New York LOL my god there are amazing driving roads in every state

  7. This was 2 years after he filmed Star Trek: Nemisis, but he looks way younger here. Did they make him look older in that film?

  8. Sir Patrick Stewart, has fantastic taste. The XJS is my favorite Jaguar even overall one of my most favorite cars, it just looks so stylish, sleek and funky.

  9. drive up the west coast… north cali and Oregon have amazing winding roads with 75mph speed limit.

  10. you think you driven a car he had the Starship Enterprise you got horsepower he has warp speed 0 to 60 4 weeks ago Capitan Picard


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