Peech Looks to Empower Content Teams with AI with $8.3M in New Funding

Editing to create branded videos can take time, but Peech is looking to make the process simple, reducing it to as little as seconds. It accomplishes this with an AI-powered automatic video editing solution. But the platform is capable of more than that, providing tools to edit and manage video content. Users can create, transcribe, collaborate, optimize, and publish all in one place, increasing efficiency and empowering creators to get the job done. To learn more about Peech and its recent round of funding, check out the article below.

Israeli startup Peech announced on Monday the completion of an $8.3 million Seed funding round. The round was led by Ibex Investors with participation from Cardumen Capital, Fresh Fund as well as angel investors Nas Daily, Ariel Maislos, and others. After a successful beta program with SimilarWeb, Namogoo, Hibob, Natural Intelligence, Circles, and more, Peech is opening the platform up to new customers and will use the funding to expand its AI capabilities and to diversify its media creation solutions.

“Brands must be more authentic, speak to their consumers at eye-level, and create a human connection to break through the content clutter and attract customers, who don’t want to be manipulated by marketing gimmicks anymore,” says Danielle Dafni, CEO and Co-founder of Peech. “With Peech, brands are able to remove their dependency on external experts, tools, or websites, allowing content teams to create high quality video content by themselves, while maintaining professional and branded standards. Our goal is for content teams to focus on producing exceptional and authentic content, while Peech takes care of the rest.”

Peech’s automatic video editing solution leverages machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology to turn in-house media content into high-quality branded videos within seconds. Peech’s algorithm analyzes the verbal content of the speaker and adds visual elements that are calibrated with each company’s brand book, the context of the speaker’s content, the desired distribution channel, and the specific marketing goals.

The original article can be found on CTech.

Spencer Hulse is a news desk editor at Grit Daily News. He covers startups, affiliate, viral, and marketing news.

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