Peugeot 3008 review – now with AWD and 300hp!

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  1. Can you name an SUV which you can buy for under £30,000 which looks better than the Peugeot 3008?

    We'll wait…

  2. I love this car, the handling, steering wheel, the gear box , its fast, responsive, amazing to be in, and more amazing to drive, its suchs a effortless drive, bcoz of its light and fast steering wheel… however mine has just hit 30k mileage, it's been in the garage 4 times, gone in the garage again it's been 2month,, its had engine fault, and timing fault …. not just mine, my friends one has the same issue and so is my brother in laws lololol!!!! Freaking unreliable!!!!! Lolol I miss peug Though!!!

  3. peugeot went through a bad phase and gained a bad reputation. But its new generations came back with everything and being superior to all the competition in 80% of the aspects.

  4. 1.2 litres 3 cylinders? I wonder why they give you such a small engine?

    My motorcycle has a bigger engine
    I don’t understand why

  5. I really like your reviews
    Please what’s your choice between a Kia Sportage Nissan quasquio and Kia niro

  6. Have owned a 2021 3008 hybrid for over 1 year. We love it. It’s so cool, inside and out. Just a joy to own. Just wish it did 100km on battery instead of 28-50 depending on external temperature. Also, a 2 year factory warranty? Wtf! Nothing is perfect but we love this SUV.

  7. Great video, how come you said on the original video to buy it and on the facelift one to shortlist it?

  8. I've owned one of these for the last 3 years (well the 1.6 turbo non face lifted version) and it's brilliant. Great design (especially the interior) and tech. I love the small steering wheel and find it easy to look over to view to instruments even though I'm not overly tall.
    As for the engine start/stop button, it's not that you have to press it harder to shut the engine off, it's a time thing, like 1 second. If you quickly dab the button nothing happens but hold it down for a second and the engine shuts down.

  9. A SUV with a 1200 cc engine. How cool is that! I want that one like asap. Too bad my bank account keeps laughing at me

  10. My Favorite Car Review Channel.
    Reviews are so organized, methodic, professional, reliable and… OBJECTIVE!
    Mat – you're a great presenter as well.

  11. The design of the vehicle is dangerous. Drivers seat is too far back from the front of the vehicle. Dash too big boner too long

  12. I have the last of the previous 3008's with the diesel and manual option and cannot bring myself to take the plunge for the new shape. Not sure why but just not quite there so far. Good vid though !

  13. I’m weary of Peugeots. I owned one and had shocks problems and the dash light went out. Peugeot didn’t want to cover it unfortunately, I also own a Nissan Micra and that thing is SOLID. I still like Peugeots, but I would be worried about how long it will actually last.

  14. I'd get the 300HP only because my current vehicle is 360HP and I'll already be going backwards in terms of power if I bought this

  15. just an observation Matt is always on about rear windows not rolling all the way down but aren't you supposed to keep your hands inside?


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