Porsche 911 996 major mechanical fault | Matt Vlogs

The glorious honeymoon period has finally come to an end – my Porsche 911 996 has broken. The 996 is known for problems … .

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  1. OMG Matt, why did you buy a 996? Worse model Porsche has ever made, should have invested in an air cooled 911. I have owned five, and they never let me down.

  2. I want a 996 4s but looking at what mat has gone through I will have to let my dream car stay in my dreams.

  3. Wow in the end looks like germans are not a extraterrestrials….Made Cars that broken like the other brands…

  4. Matt I know you are in London so why not try Tower Bridge Porsche next time around? They have been there for years and have good reviews.

  5. I have a rattle down low at idle with the clutch up too, pushed in it goes away. Really prominent at drive ups where the sound bounces off walls. Does not sound quite like yours(more muted) and only when truly cold does 2nd gear grunch a little nor does the lever wobble in gear. Fingers crossed it is the DMF, as that was not replaced when previous owner did the clutch.

  6. The 996 Porsche is a major low point for the company, and the video doesn’t even address the potential IMS nightmare. You should never buy any water cooled 911 before the 997, and even then I would get a 2009 or newer.

  7. I have a 1998 boxster ,in 2005 I did a 3.4L 996 engine swap at 60k. I never ever had a problem with the car. It has been solid. It looks new and drives new. Not sure why do people complain about these cars

  8. The noise was probably just the throw-out bearing but because you thought it was the second gear and you told them that, they knew they could get away with charging you for a rebuild on top of the clutch service. I hope they did actually rebuild it and didn't just clean it up to look like it was rebuilt. and second gear is perfect Always remember…MOST SHOPS will try to rip you off if they just think they can get away with it. Second gear is NOT going to make any noise when sitting still idling EVER.

  9. I almost bought the same generation Porsche, but decided on a used Miata instead. This video makes me feel so much better about my choice. I have had zero mechanical problems with the Miata, extremely reliable vehicle.

  10. Wavetrac diff. Put that on my Civic FN2 when I had my clutch and 3rd gear syncros changed. Worth the money and best to do all at the same time.But had to pay for everything.

  11. I drive Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the more I watch your Porsche 911, the more it discourage me to buy the 911. Thank you for the update.

  12. Unfortunately, the dealer will not tell a customer that his clutch needs replacing, the car is apart. After working at a Porsche dealer service shop, it was very common to just fix what you are told, and leave badly worn parts, that will go out in 6 months to a year… clutch, fly wheel, rear main seal IMS bearing, water pump, hoses, mufflers, there is a whole list of things that go wrong on a pretty regular basis. Actually, your Porsche repair place screwed you over…. "THEY" should have identified that "BAD" clutch, when the trans was off, it is easy enough to look and tell it was GONE… I would never go back to that place again. No telling what all else, they "SAW" as a coming problem, and just left it… as dropping the engine/trans is the only way to service one of those things, and it is VERY COSTLY to do… but, thats how they stay in business.

  13. Post 90s recession 911, Porsche were nearly wiped of the market only 5 years before this was put together.

  14. Crap car man. For a guy that knows as much as you. Get a lc500 yeh. What a crap dealer man. Should of had all that fixed

  15. This dealer is a scam, bought a car a few years ago advertised as full porsche service history and, when I took it for service at Porsche they said it had zero porsche service history. When I went back to Portiacraft they didn't want to know. I'm surprised trading standards haven't fined them out of business yet. Buyer beware.


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