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  1. Is this what I loved about the old top gear ⚙ when the presenters had some spare time they'd show off there cars

  2. The Porsche 911 is the 3rd worst car I have ever driven in my life behind the PT Cruiser and the old Kia Rio. Just uncomfortable and out of date all around. I can see why they were popular in the 70's and 80's but by 1996 they were just fast, expensive garbage. Haven't tried one since 2010, but before that, all crap.

  3. 996C2 is a still best of the best for me and is my fav car, tho interior design is a dead shit and aged as poorly as biden

  4. James, please. This was petty. "My identical car is better because the napkins are folded more neatly in the cuphold." I know this is an entertainment show, but this is clawing at a mountain with bare nails.

  5. They're awesome cars, but they all look like bland appliances now compared to how they used to be. RSR 3.0 case in point !


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