Porsche 911 GT2RS By Craziest 911 Ever

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  1. Please do not put coolant in that tank up front.. It's for distilled water to premist your intercooler. Adding coolant would be a nasty and costly mistake.

  2. 17:40 that's what I really liked about the gt2rs, it's the sharp steering. It's so precise and handles like a kart, that I chose this car every time I am faced with a tough twisty race in Forza 🙂

  3. an outer metal tag would be too heavy, but it has a metal tag on the glove box plus two cupholders?
    please explain.

  4. Yoo this is the same 911 that crashed into the bmw at monza 3 years back(prolly after this vid was made) both the owners had a pretty long legal battle lol

  5. I think styling is a 9/10

    I think that the wing is subtle and perfect along with the rest of the aero

  6. I know I’m probably late but the water tank in the frunk is not for coolant its for the intercooler spray nozzles

  7. Nothing shifts or steers as beautifully as a modern day Porsche. Drive one and everything else will feel like driving a garbage truck. Porsche makes the best cars on earth, hands down.


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