Porsche 911 Turbo S vs McLaren 720S: Drag Race

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  1. That Porsche is an engineering masterpiece. A brilliant example of the German car making philosophy. Sorry "old chap" but I'd pick ze German over you any day of the week…

  2. I was 51-49 Porsche vs McLaren. I was not wrong. The Porsche (especially the 911) launches brilliantly.

  3. 230kg heavier, 70 less hp, 70 k cheaper and leaves McLaren in the dust… Madness. It is the worlds best sports car

  4. Never seen a car put its power down off the line like the porsche. So quick to get power down. And pulls up better than most.

  5. 720s just look way more better than Porsche. Porsche are looks the same never change that makes disappoint


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