Porsche 959 With $ 1.5 Million Car Trademark

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  1. I feel like Doug is the only person who actually reads the manual book in the glove box for interest…LOL

  2. i wonder who are these 1.3 thousands of moro…strangers who disliked this video!? Its absolutely fabulous review of 959. Suspension settings are overwhelming. it's modern even now in 2021

  3. I love how they put maybe the worst possible radio in it, a Blaupunkt. My S2 Elise came with one of those 😀

  4. When I watch Doug Videos it’s like watching a pervert.. He nerds out over some of the craziest stuff. Stickers, warning labels, gas fill locations. Makes me laugh. Definitely a different take on auto review. The Doug score always has me rolling too. Opinion based, but treated like industry standard. It’s like watching someone try and explain biblical teachings as fact by pointing to the Bible as a document that can be trusted as fact.. I really enjoyed this one for sure. What a neat car.

  5. The Porsche 959 Is a Mid-Engine Sport Car Produced By Porsche From 1986 To 1993 first a Group B Rally Car And Later As A Road Iegal Production Car designed to satisfy FIA homologation regulations Require 200 Units To Be Produced

  6. You lucky son of a gun. I have never seen this car in the 30 years that I've wanted to. Thanks for the video, it was cool to see more of the details of it. My obsession started with an hot wheels 959 when I was 5 and I've always loved this car. Hopefully I can see one before I kick the bucket.

  7. 8 out of 10 in acceleration for a Porsche 959? Clearly Doug is just too young to know anything about cars… I still laugh when he thinks a T Top is a quirk….Whatever your day job was, I hope it's still available..

  8. Giving any car that is appreciating in value anything less than a 10 in the value category is insane. Regardless of the buy-in.


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