Porsche GT3 | Chris Harris Lap | Additional Tools | Advanced Equipment

Welcome to Extra Gear! Chris Harris drives a Porsche GT3 around the Top Gear test track. Subscribe to Top Gear for more information ….

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  1. I’d like to see a car go fast around the track. Drifting is cool but it’s but that’s all he does now.

  2. I literally cannot stop listening to this engine at 9000 RPM. Genuinely makes me emotional. The engine alone is reason to get rich.

  3. Damn it Chris you made me along with the rest of the car world fall in love with Porsche and you know what Porsche truly is a one of a kind experience just amazing!!!!!

  4. Dear Top Gear, Chris Harris is the future of your show. Your best hope for future success since the Clarkson fallout is to promote and use Chris Harris more often. Best, Sam

  5. A man who loves cars, a man who drives cars very well, a man who conveys driving cars extremely well, come on BBC give him his own show!

  6. lol shame I can't hear the car noise — But I just have to mute it because of the incessant whine from Harris.

  7. Tired of same old Harry's videos sliding all over the place. Can we get more serious reviews pls????

  8. Top gear would be good again if it was just chris driving the tyers off cars…and get rid of the other clowns making crap jokes and reading off a script…

  9. Chris …harry garage. …tiff…new top gear…..ok I can dream..more chance of William wollard drifting in a datsun cherry. …

  10. Caught about 10 minutes of the new Top Gear on tv last night. Thanks guys but i'll stick to watching my toenails grow.


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