Porsche Mission E + 911 GT3 RS | Geneva Motor Show 2018 | Advanced Equipment

Jack Rix wanders around Porsche to see Porsche Mission E Cross Tourism and Porsche 911 GT3 ….

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  1. Good thing Europe is pushing for all electric. Saves all the gasoline for us, while they beta test the kinks out of all electric.

  2. GTR3 in this color is just awesome to look at, but, having driven an older version I left underwhelmed, maybe it was a well used example but it just didn’t seem in rude health…..

  3. Interesting last little comment. Hadn't thought about the impact of electric/autonomous cars on automotive journalism. It will essentially kill it — turn combustion engine vehicles into a rare hobby/enthusiast market.

  4. I'm not watching any more of Jack's videos until he learns to pronounce Porsche properly. Both the old and the new Top Gear cast always pronounce it properly, so you'd think that someone within the Top Gear crew would have pointed this out to him by now.


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