Powerslides and D1 Drifters | Advanced Equipment

Impressed by Vauxhall Monaro’s powerful graphics, Richard takes on a new VXR version to try out ….

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  1. When Richard hit the drift and his coach and him got excited and shook hands it was so wholesome. They couldn’t speak the same language but they both were so happy when he nailed it.

  2. I just realized that kazamas Silvia had the front of the s15 and the back of the 180sx

    sil-eighty vibes

  3. The top secret s15, apexi FD, and (for a few seconds) the kei office s15. Can’t get much better than that haha.

  4. Ah, yes. The Japanese who can drift anywhere, and the Finnish who can drift anything. Wonder what a half-Finnish half-Japanese would be like.

  5. Anyone notice the 180SX has been in Tokyo Drift watch the clip when we see Neela drifting and pause the clip after the Falkon FD RX-7 goes by


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