Preview: ‘Bonkers’ Roads | Nepal Special | Advanced Equipment

“Look at the road … it’s ugly” A special preview of Top Gear Nepal, aired on Sunday 29 December, 9pm, BBC Two Subscribe to ….

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  1. These muppets don't know lethal roads if it hit them in the face, use the past 200 episodes of top gear for reference!

  2. If this is the correct episode where you end up eating in a blue van we liked the show up until one part. It’s where the three of you are receiving the guinea pig and the gentlemen in the front seat eats it and the two in the back make fun of it. Not one scene showed any of you being respectful to the beautiful people that handed you your dinner. Shame on you guys.

  3. Respect to all the lads. What an incredible road trip. Definitely one of the most amazing Top Gear specials ever. Love the chemistry they have. Freddie just takes it all in his stride, Chris' sadness on the death of the Renault is heartfelt and Paddy, well he's Paddy. The Top Gear team should be congratulated on bringing we armchair motorists such an experience.

  4. All cars finished on special episode… even they been tow to the finish line… all cars!… this is rubbish!

  5. Wish richard jermy and james would be here in nepal rather than them love old top gear but new one is also great.

  6. I don't get who the other presenters (other than Chris Harris) are trying to attract. Is this a budget car Ross Kemp or is this engaging top gear

    Edit: I forgot apparently the entire UK population these days are obsessed with football so these people pulled off football TV programs are probably perfect


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