Professor Clarkson does Science stuff at The Equator | Top Gear | The Great African Adventure DVD

In this unseen outtake the boys have just arrived at the Equator, and Jeremy, as is his wont, decides to conduct a scientific … .

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  1. I must say the most funny thing at this video is end – order now TG The Great Afrikan advanture at Amazon 😀 well yes trio ended at Amazon but in little bit different way 😀

  2. what was he trying to prove? the direction of the swirls of dust? or did he just do donuts in opposite directions on either side of the equator

  3. I was there when this was recorder, he actually hit the sign and we had to hustle to out it back up, balanced and glued in.

  4. Best science thats been done in the last 40 years, it was fast, it wad cheap and it answered an important question

  5. The water spinning thing is BS. It spins both clockwise and anticlockwise at both the northern and southern hemisphere.

    Source,…. QI

  6. I’ve never watched an episode of the grand tour….ever!, why not?, because Tv is dear enough, because Sky Tv has been on the go since the 80’s, it should be dirt cheap by now!


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