RETRO DRAG RACE: Caterham 170R vs Mini Oselli vs Tipo 184 | Advanced Equipment

It’s time for a straight fight between the retro stars of Top Gear Magazine Speed ​​Week. But what will cross first? It’s £ 130,000 ….

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  1. Thing is we are getting a lot more power out of smaller engines now. 660cc is no longer a small engine in a car. It will return more than most 2 litres from the 70s and 80s.

    That was straight line, Caterham would destroy them far more decisively in a race wiht turns.

  2. Can you please bring back the news or fire the producer of the show and keep the show running with the same host but please choose some who loved the clarkson, hammond and may era and that knows how to produce a show to show with arguments, also please stpp calling the challenges test and call them challenges

  3. It's not actually the lightest seven ever. Caterham claim that it is the "lightest ever production Seven" that weighs a "specification dependent" 440kg. The Caterham Fireblade was a "specification dependent" <370kg, and it was sort of semi-production, in the sense that it was sort of approved by Caterham but built and delivered by James Whiting. I had one, and it was absolutely glorious.

  4. I have a 2003 Mini Cooper S R53 and there is no way that the Mini Cooper is even worth $174,000 USD. I can see $25k-$30k usd on its best day. There is nothing special about that Mini Cooper and it lost bad.

  5. Maybe if that Mini actually had £100k worth of engineering and tuning done to it, it would win the drag race. Or maybe it's just the weight of those super expensive go faster stripes slowing it down.

  6. Caterham, Lotus7, or Locost. Supercar money aside, They are the best bang for the buck driving experience on offer, and they have been since the 60's.
    Possibly the longest running LEGAL "happy money" ever?. (with clothes on sober)
    arguments or accord taken below:

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