REVIEW: 2021 Ford Bronco (Mechanic's Perspective)

Will the 2021 Ford Bronco be any good after 10 years? More modular = more better? Subscribe to DGHD: …

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  1. I think that sucker needs a 7.3 dropped in it. And not a 7.3 gasser… I mean a 2000 7.3L powerstroke lol Why would I want a dinosaur era engine you say? Well because I've seen all my neighbors and friends drive them around for the last 20 years and never replace anything except the cam position sensor and clutch pedal retainer clip lol.. Apparently I'm told to keep 10 in the glove box.

  2. This guy is brutally honest and realistic. Even if some of what he says is opinion it’s good to hear his perspective. We need more people like this! How are we supposed to improve if everything was “perfect”?

  3. let's be honest; no one's buying this for off road which means they are going to get the hideous street version and this will be a short lived platform with minimal aftermarket support, it will be gone in a few years and chocked up as a mistake

  4. When talking about some of the corrosion issues like the paint on the hinges on the tailgate and the fender where the windshield washer tank runs through; these items are aluminum and will not rust or corrode. Note that the fenders, doors, and tailgate are all aluminum. Also the side steps are not factory equipment. Over fairly good review.

  5. Bubbles from TPB would call it a "Samsquanch!" LOL. Yeah the whole panel gap thing drives me crazy and I agree about the torx bolts on the bumper. Just asking for trouble if the owner ever wants to change up the 'modular' accessories, and they actually use the truck for trails instead of a mall cruiser.

  6. I own 2 Broncho 2’s ! Oh I want to see a brand new so called Bronco Hitting the moguls like the bronco twos at 70 and watch the doors and the windows flying off!
    Please, Please, No you won’t do it Ford motor company would not like you then!

  7. Surprised he comments on body panel fitment when this is a press truck that's had everything done to it other than outright totaling it…just sayin'

  8. Upgrade to A/T tires for your Jeep. It's the only upgrade you need.

    If you need more upgrades for the trails, then try upgrading your skills.

  9. Definitely sounds like a greT idea to keep spare tie rods on hand when wheeling. The Bronco looks badass, but those t-rods look like twigs.

  10. We should make it easy for the people that wave. It's only acceptable to wave at a new Bronco if it's the 2-door. The 4-door isn't a real Bronco, it's a 4×4 Mini Van. People that buy the 4-door versions, (Same with 4-door Jeeps in the CJ/Wrangler vein) should be mocked and laughed at, in the same way you'd laugh at someone who ordered a 4-door Mustang, Vette, Camero, 911, etc.

  11. Extremely overpriced, poorly assembled, too many doo dad that serves no function but to let you down crap. Wow… so exactly like most every new vehicle made today lol. Gives people their wow factor when they blow you away with their Chrysler B grade paint job and panel fitment lol. It's still a cool looking truck… but it's kind of a big letdown.


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