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We are bringing a new BMW X2. Designed as a ‘cool’ version of the X1, it comes with a larger price even though it is smaller. .

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  1. Just test drove this car the other day. So glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the ride was super harsh, way too much road feedback. The X1’s suspension is far more comfortable!

  2. Just had one of these as a courtesy car and couldn't BELIEVE how incredibly harsh and fidgety the ride was on the m-sport chassis and also the horrendous noise from the 225/40 R18 Goodyear tyres! (It felt too stiffly sprung and under-damped for good measures!?).
    So glad you mentioned exactly these two issues – thought I was either going mad or being too unfair on an otherwise lovely car!

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  4. My X2 looks lovely, but drives like a pile of shite. Gears feels rougher than my old Mondeo that had done 100,000 miles.

  5. Why do you LOVE big bottles of water so much? Is it purely size for the review or is there another reason? Thanks!

  6. One of the most beautiful small SUV's on the road. Pity no AWD in petrol version and it's so expensive.

    Honestly, who is going to spend this much money on a new diesel car these days?


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