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This is the new BMW Z4! If you are in the market for a luxury luxury car, then you will be forced to find another way ….

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  1. Such a pretty car and really well priced! I'd have to go for the 3.0 purely for the sound…fuck mpg!

  2. Honestly , its ugly… The concept z4 was gorgeous but then they LITERALLY made it look like a molten chocolate..

  3. The edit showing the spontaneous water bottle comedy trip and soak was quite WANK Mat…Harold Lloyd will be turning in his grave with lack of slapstick ingenuity.

  4. It's a shame that most people who buy these cars are physical wrecks. They could not run a mile, do pushups and pull-ups and box a punchbag. Their car is telling lies about them.

  5. The slapstick water bottle go me giving a Thumbs down…… 🙁
    However, by the end, you'd picked up a Thumbs Up 🙂

  6. You have been misled by BMW – on this car it has the optional HK stereo, but the standard one I tested at my local BMW dealer sounds AWEFUL – it's thin and muddled.

  7. I love this more than the Boxster. Been riding in this one since April and it's amazing for day to day practicality. It serves as my background car for crypto videos. Feel free to check it out in real world.

  8. No Matt, leather is not nice, it's slaughtered animals skin processed by kids in India. Unaccessible. Car should have sensatec, BMWs sustainable alternative.

  9. Many of the comments about this car could be applied to the previous twin turbo'd tin top Z4,i.e. ride comfort, forward visibility, acceleration, handling etc. It sounds like a refinement of that car. Single or twin turbo's on this new car? I re-mapped our old Z4 for an extra 50 BHP and 0-60 of c. 4.7 seconds, so imagine re-mapping this new car.

  10. Hang on a 52k car, M40i, does NOT comes with a reversing camra as standard…. Is this serious or a joke. A basic reverse cam is an option !!! WTF

  11. 2013 Z4 is my childhood, I enjoy riding with my father, I’m quite disappointed that the 2020 version doesn’t have a hard roof

  12. The problem with all these reviews on you tube now is it makes ppl super fussy now. U make normal ppl fussy and moan about an little problem

  13. Oh the top of that door at 1:38 is so high you can't get your arm out, like in a drive-through situation. You are either too low or that door is too high. Either way: bad design.


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