Rory Reid For The Future Of Faraday FF ​​91 | Advanced Equipment

1050bhp, 0-60mph in 2.39 seconds… with Rory Reid on Faraday Future FF 91. What do you think of Faraday? .

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  1. If they want to succeed FF needs to make something that is an alternative to the Tesla, not a direct competitor. Rather than making something unattainable by the common consumer, make a barebones, affordable, decent range EV… impossible without infrastructure.

  2. Well, its not better than Fast Lane Daily, but considering that Time Magazine killed them, this kind of automotive news is most welcome! I hope this becomes a regular feature her on Top Gear. Fast auto news is a something that has been missing here on you tube since the middle of last year.

  3. This is the auto Industry's version of Theranos. It's just a bunch of hype. None of their concept vehicles, nothing it's showing to the public will happen. It's all smoke. Mark my words. They're fake. Faraday Fake more like it.

  4. The FF is so ugly it's ridiculous, why does the windscreen join the bonnet halfway down? It makes a football pitch sized dashboard and a tiny pathetic bonnet like a Honda jazz. And then the back of the car goes on for way too long, it looks like it should end at the C pillar but it just goes on and on and on. Jesus.

  5. Model S P100D with seats taken out and a bit of other stuff (like Farady did) manages 0-60 in 2,1 Seconds, as standard with new software it matches the FF91 figure, and that's a production car with full luxury features for half the ff price

  6. "Incredible." What was that The Americans quote? That it comes from the latin, meaning "not to be believed'? Because that's exactly right: splashy announcements are all great (and I love electric cars), but I won't believe anything they say about it until it is in the hands of independent journalists.

  7. I'm the type who doesn't care about performance specs so much as how the car looks, and, well, this one's a bit more MM (Mingermobile)91 than FF 91 to me. :p


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