Ross Noble’s Kahn Defender and GT86 Lap Time | Advanced Equipment

Ross Noble speaks to us through his Kahn Land Rover Defender and puts on a Toyota GT86. Subscribe to hear more Top ….

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  1. lmao, I havent checked grand tour and top gear in a while, thank god this trash show is dying, horrible decisions

  2. is this really tg hope so coz I have a request. nobody has ever done a proper Vw beach buggy / Baja history story not just about Myers with the Manx but full story with all body type's and shapes read the buggy Bible there must be hundreds of small production companies over the years not to mention the sandrails that stink about the woods would kick start a renaissance hope this finds you in good time( summers coming) cheers

  3. Could we please have Ross Noble replace Rory? Would be the absolute dream imo. TG is on the road to recovery but isn't there yet! I serve of Noble, Harris and LeBlanc please!

  4. My request to Top gear is to once again make a video on feul crisis but this time try with super luxury cars like RR ,bentley etc.

  5. used to love the Clarkson interviews with stars in a reasonably priced car…. this shower of shit make it painful viewing


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