ROTTEN TO RESURRECTED – Forgotten Ford F100 P1. – Cooling & Heating Systems

This truck sat for 18 years, rotting away. After reviving the truck and getting it back to the shop (unfortunately not under its own …

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  1. Clean the engine compartment watch the truck have rub out the paint maybe polish it it's a pain is still good if you put some kind of polymer on it maybe that bed liner your brother had would be good for it recover the seat and any of your interior things that it needs either clean replace some floor mat or possibly put new carpet and put some maps on it so you don't mess up in your carpet think all you need to do is maybe some tires by then it should let cherry I think I forgot the clutch not a whole lot of money more work than anything but not not that much I think my mentioned that I bought my 81 was only $6,000 new

  2. That's what I saw it I don't think you need a lot of spend a lot of money it just needs some basic work done on it that's why I thought yours son and you would have a lot of fun with it should be pretty cheap on Parts too probably pretty good on gas

  3. The radiator hose came loose because you need to flair the end of your make-shift exhaust pipe connection, to prevent the hose from sliding off.

  4. Well Bo and Luke were too used to driving the General Lee you see so when Uncle Jesse will borrow them the truck every once in awhile it would get the life beat out of it years of abuse would make you run a little hot too

    At least you're not cutting any corners by mounting the radiator upside down

  5. Clean the engine and under carriage….then power wash exterior let dry and attack the rust issues….cool truck

  6. You are an outstanding mechanic man, even though you're not a Ford man you know exactly what you're doing. I say you clean the engine bay or restore the paint next. Your commentary is hilarious lol and very informative appreciate the videos.

  7. Hey Derrick where can a guy pick up a lone wolf 6000 …love your videos over here in Nb Canada keep up the good work feller… your doin er right ..

  8. The mud goes to the bottom of the radiator , run your hand down the radiator when the motor warms up and if the bottom fins are cold then the bottom is clogged

  9. I keep telling you DEREK I have 6 cases of assorted spark plug wire , different lengths , Ford chevy dodge , for female and male dist. caps free for you just text me back , bleep bloop me back.

  10. I had a 1984 Ford F-150 with the 300 6 cylinder I was having overheating issues how far will exactly the same plan you did and it was the radiator watching you gives me the Assurance I did it correctly thanks Derek


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