SAVE THE DATE: 2020 Awards | Advanced Equipment

Join us for the 2020 Awards, right here on our YouTube channel, Tuesday December 1 at 7pm GMT. .

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  1. The show has no personality or entertainment value. It's like they're trying to copy the real Top Gear – but it just falls flat. The only decent thing are the cars. BBC you should be ashamed. This TG is embarrassingly bad!

  2. You have to have three people knowledgable about cars to even have a chance against the other three ….. Get Chris Harris to choose two of his favourite motor journalists to join him

  3. Anyone here who knows about "Best Motoring" track battles? This channel got enough budget to create a new version of these track battles, why not give it a shot? At the very least not a single car/driving enthusiast would be able to complain about it if they stick to the script.

  4. You guys realise that now even Chris Harris wishes he wouldn’t have taken TG?? You are just failing way too much


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