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The Seat Ateca is the Spanish car manufactures first attempts at a family SUV with obvious comparisons to its sister car, the … .

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  1. i think the best suv of the vw trio is the skoda karoq it's the most stylish most practical and it's just Simply Clever

  2. All is well but your link to the infotainment system is from 2017. Have there been any changes from that to the 2020/21 Ateca?

  3. This was the car I drove at the driving school. It was okay, but the worst thing for me was it wouldn't shift into first gear smoothly. Like how hard is it to make a smooth gearbox today?

  4. Excellent review as usual.Except little missinformation there. This car wasn't engeneered in Spain, it was engineered in Czechia (or Czech republic if You want) with its "brother" Skoda Karoq, both are made in the same factory in Czechia – Skoda Kvasiny.

  5. I have tested the SEAT Ateca 2.0TDI FR Sport, I could feel every imperfection on the road. I wouldn't want Torsion Beam suspension so it seems only the 4 drive version's have Multi Link.

  6. Was this before the T-Roc was announced or something? This is clearly based on the golf/leon like the T-Roc so why is he saying it's SEATs Tiguan?

  7. After lots and lots of comparisons, I finally went for Tiguan and the extra money money spent is worth it.

  8. Great phone you had back then. Too bad they don't make them like this anymore (HTC M9). Amazing reviews though. Entertaining and educational.

  9. Just changes from a 2017 Tiguan SEL to a Areca FR sport. Very little difference in ride comfort but Ateca is better handling .

  10. My wife went from a Leon to an Ateca and I can't understand the logic behind the cup holders!! Whats the point in having two if you can only put one drink in at a time!!

  11. Yes, in Spain all of us works on roads thanks to the European funds, that's why we have good roads without speding any money and you don't… Now i understand everything, thanks for the explanation Mat.

  12. would be nice if you startet including liters pr 100 km for us people the rest of the world (except the U.S). miles per gallon doesnt say us anything, it is a bit arrogant really


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